This Bionic Kitten is Looking for a New Home (Video)

Bionic Kitten Gets New Lease On Life by APlus

After a groundbreaking surgery a kitten in Bulgaria got bionic hind legs. She is now waiting for an owner and the veterinary clinic where she got her new legs is looking a new home.

Robot Therapy for Kids with Cerebral Palsy

Researchers at Georgia Institute of Technology have developed and designed a special robot 'Darwin' to look after kids and adults with cerebral palsy.  Instead of relying on traditional methods of therapy, Darwin will provide special therapy techniques including games and words of encouragement to have a positive impact on patient's health.

   According to the developers Darwing is affordable and easier to use. Such robots can be helpful in assisting humans with their daily life effciently making their tasks simple and easier.


Kids-Friendly Coding Robot (VIDEO)

WowWee's 'COJI' is a kid-friendly robot that teaches simple coding languages by using emojis  and expressive gestures. The cute robot can be used with or without an app. It also challenges kids with memory based games and problem solving skills.

A Taxi Company in Japan Offers Special Services for Pregnant Women